Thursday, July 17, 2014

On a day for adventure

After days of routine all my body and mind craved for a change .Trekking was the best option I could scrape out.I joined a gang that was planning their trip to Ranipuram.I got myself into comfy zone of denims and a pair of my my favorite Adidas.Though I didn't like the knot of the shrug but it kept the whole shrug in place not interfering with the trek.

all smiles with the group

and some more to go..

almost there

and made it..

Monday, July 14, 2014

Girly day out

My friend wanted some shopping day out and I love to accompany people for shopping as much I love doing it for myself.So here is the OOTD. As the day asked for a lot of walk I went backpack way and hit a safe pair of black jeans.The day was black and red.

Just at a selfie moment my friend popped in with her new pair of tops <3.

And no day can come to an end without food.

Kashmir diary

For Kashmir this is what I wore

Overall the trip needed an air of vacation casual and comfy.Loads of walk, hopping around was the theme so I hit the basics with nothing much fancy for the whole trip.My winter jacket that I got from Dressberry stayed all through my outfits.So here we go

Outfit -1 for Mughal garden

 Just to keep in with the theme I paired my black jeans with floral shirt, I am enjoying time on the balco of houseboat.

The Kashmiri gal  Lol.

Outfit-2 Sonamarg

I wore one of my favorite boots from Carlton London.I paired the dress with black legging as it was real cold there and I must say a wise decision.

Outfit-3 Pahalgam,Avantipur ruins

That one I played with basic and monochrome except for navy blue shoes and thats me on pony exploring Pahalgam.

Outfit-4 , Gulmarg

Maxi dress with floral print was my choice to Gulmarg, I didn't wear heels to any of the destination , one reason that I am not that comfortable, second I wanted to run around slopes on a rough terrain.I wore an addidas sports shoes with it, I know not a great combo,but it served my purpose of the day.

I know the pose and the pictures are not that great but well Iam just starting off and slowly getting the hang of it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fashion nd style

Fashion and style reflects one's personality.One can talk million through ones dress without uttering a word ,the first impression is made by how you are dressed, it tells what you are and what you are up to...And i believe there is nothing right or wrong if the person is confident enough to carry it on...Fashion and style is a sense of blending what really we identify with.

But comfort comes first be it branded or not.No matter how expensive or elite your dress might be if you are not comfortable the whole day is wasted cos one never looks confident in an attair one is not comfortable with.

Do check it for the season and go for hours.and above all look pleasant that will boost the whole look or yours even in a normal wear.If your looks are sullen even  the best of brands will grey you out in a crowd.
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